Portlock Boot CD for NetWare

Portlock Drive Explorer

Portlock Drive ExplorerPortlock Drive Explorer is a utility contained on the Portlock Boot CD for NetWare that displays files and folders on your computer in a fashion that is similar to Windows Explorer. NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, NetWare Traditional and NetWare NSS file systems are supported.

Use Portlock Drive Explorer to recover individual files or directories from a corrupted system and copy them to an external location (USB, FireWire, Floppy, Mapped Drive, etc). Portlock Drive Explorer is also capable of creating a bootable USB drive and mounting ISO images. With support for both Windows and NetWare file systems, Portlock Drive Explorer is essential for every system administrator.

New features

  1. Added support for creating Bootable USB Drives in Portlock Drive Explorer.
  2. Added additional device drivers to support the Compaq DL380 G5.
  3. Added French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese languages for the Portlock Programs on the Portlock Boot CD for NetWare. Note: Portlock Drive Explorer is not a Unicode application and cannot display Chinese or Japanese.

Additional Portlock Drive Explorer features

  1. Supports Windows "on-disk" snapshots. These are snapshots that Windows periodically takes of a running system. Snapshots are scheduled, usually twice per day by Windows and are also taken just before critical actions such as installing a device driver or application. Portlock Drive Explorer displays these snapshots just like a drive letter, except with the name of the snapshot.
  2. Supports Windows file systems that do not have a driver letter assigned.
  3. Supports NetWare Traditional volumes (NetWare 3.x thru NetWare 6.x).
  4. Supports NetWare 6.x NSS Pools and volumes.
  5. Supports NetWare 5.x NSS Volumes.
  6. Supports Windows file systems on GPT formatted disks.
  7. Supports Windows file systems on non 512-byte sectored disks.
  8. Supports mounting ISO images as file systems (they are attached to a drive letter such as T:)