Portlock Storage Manager

Portlock Storage Manager: Supplemental Downloads

These product subsets can be useful when you have had a disaster and need to quickly get Portlock Storage Manager running to repair or restore your server.

Note: This page is deprecated and no longer supported.

Specific Installation Packages for Portlock Storage Manager

  • Minimum files to run Portlock Storage Manager on a NetWare server.
    • Download version 5.16
    • Create the directory SYS:/STORMGR. Unzip into this directory. No install required.

Windows Tools for Portlock Storage Manager

Free Download
Release Date: July 8, 2002 | Release Size: 80 KB

  • These tools consist of recv.exe and send.exe to transfer Portlock Storage Manager images to / from Windows desktops. For example: recv.exe will receive an image from Portlock Storage Manager, send.exe will send an image to Portlock Storage Manager.
  • Executes under Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / W2K / XP / Windows Server
  • Windows Tools for Portlock Storage Manager User Guide (PDF)

Netware DOS Client

Portlock Storage Manager version 2.08 and above does not need himem.sys loaded. The NetWare DOS Client does need himem.sys loaded. However, do not use emm386.exe in your config.sys. On some newer machines, the NetWare DOS Client will hang depending on the version of DOS and himem.sys that you are using. You may need to try different versions of DOS / himem.sys. We have had the best results with the DOS from Windows 98SE. Note: Novell is no longer supporting the NetWare DOS Client. As an alternative, you can create a boot diskette that uses the Microsoft protocols to pull images from a Windows workstation. See the next section.

DOS and Network Boot Disks:

Note: These boot disks are provided by other companies. We only provide these links to assist our customers and we do not endorse or support these boot disks.