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DOS TCP/IP Microsoft Virtual PC Boot Disk


This download is a TCP/IP boot floppy based upon the Novell DOS TCP/IP Client, DOS 6.22 and supports the DEC 21140 Ethernet NIC.


TCP/IP Boot Floppy (1.4 MB VFD) for Microsoft Virtual PC


  1. Download the Virtual Floppy Disk and save to your system.
  2. Select the Virtual Machine that you want to boot with this Virtual Floppy Disk.
  3. Start the Microsoft Virtual PC Virtual Machine.
  4. After the Virtual Machine starts, select the Floppy menu item.
  5. Select "Capture Floppy Disk Image..."
  6. Specify the downloaded Virtual Floppy Disk.
  7. Restart the Virtual Machine.
  8. Note that the Virtual Machine is now booting from the Virtual Floppy Disk.
  9. The TCP/IP stack will use DHCP to obtain a TCP/IP address.


  1. This Virtual Floppy Disk even works on Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac.
  2. You must first start a Virtual Machine before you can attach a Virtual Floppy Disk to it. Then you must restart the Virtual Machine.
  3. You can also copy this Virtual Floppy Disk using a product such as WinImage to a real floppy diskette and then boot the Virtual Machine from a floppy diskette drive.
  4. TCP/IP using this Ethernet Chipset emulation is not very fast. The best that we can achieve is about 1,500 Kbytes / sec.